Sculptra Bum Lift


SCULPTRA BUM LIFT: Sculpt and Enhance Your Curves Naturally

The Sculptra Bum Lift is a revolutionary non-surgical procedure designed to enhance and lift the buttocks, creating a fuller and shapelier contour. This treatment uses Sculptra, a unique poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) dermal filler, to stimulate collagen production and rejuvenate the buttock area for natural-looking, long-lasting results.

How does it work?

Sculptra is composed of poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), a biocompatible substance that promotes collagen production when injected into the skin. When used in the buttocks, Sculptra encourages the growth of new collagen fibers, resulting in a gradual and subtle lift and volumization of the buttocks.

The Benefits of Sculptra Bum Lift

1. Natural Enhancement: Sculptra provides gradual and natural-looking results, avoiding the appearance of an overly augmented or artificial look.

2. Non-Surgical: Unlike traditional butt augmentation surgeries, Sculptra Bum Lift is a non-invasive and needle-based treatment, minimising downtime and risks associated with surgery.

3. Minimal Discomfort: Patients typically experience minimal discomfort during the procedure, with most returning to their normal activities right after treatment.

4. Long-Lasting: Results can last up to two years or more, making it one of the longer-lasting non-surgical buttock enhancement options.

5. Customisable: The treatment is tailored to your specific goals, allowing for a personalised approach to achieving your desired buttock shape and size.

Cost:   From £800


The Procedure

During a Sculptra Bum Lift treatment, Sculptra is strategically injected into the buttocks to stimulate collagen production. Multiple sessions, usually spaced several weeks apart, may be required to achieve the desired results. The injections are relatively painless, and a topical numbing cream is often applied to enhance patient comfort.

Recovery and Results

After the procedure, you may experience some mild swelling, bruising, or redness in the treated area, but these effects are temporary and typically subside within a few days. Over the following weeks and months, you'll notice a gradual improvement in the shape and lift of your buttocks as collagen production continues.

Is Sculptra Bum Lift Right for You?

If you desire a fuller, lifted, and shapelier buttock contour without surgery, the Sculptra Bum Lift could be an ideal solution. A consultation with a qualified practitioner will help determine if this treatment aligns with your goals and expectations.

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